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I love collections!  They say so much about who we are, where we’ve been, what our interests are.  When you work hard at building a collection, it should be showcased  in a way where you can enjoy it daily.  Don’t just shove it in a drawer or put it in the attic.

If you want unique décor, surround yourself with a special collection you have worked on over the years.  An effective display always invites questions.  I personally love hearing the stories behind collections…every piece has a history.

sheet music wall 
This client had a fantastic collection of old sheet music.  She & I selected some of her favorites to frame. The graphics are just delicious and worthy of framing individually!  These were placed on the wall in her music room. What a dramatic touch to these high walls!
blenko display
This client collected the mini-pitchers by Blenko Glass.  Blenko Glass is artisan glass that dates back to the turn of the 20th century.  This collector can tell you where she got each piece.  We picked a place in her home that would best show off the glass’s vibrant colors.
dickens collection
This Dickens Village collection is so loved by this homeowner that she keeps it out all year!  Each one was either a gift from a loved one or bought on a special trip. It’s easily understood why this cheers her year round!
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