Today’s Upholstery

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Upholstery prices have gone up as has everything else.  One reason is that foam is a petroleum product (who knew?)  Quite often these days you can buy a new chair for the price of fabric and labor of re-upholstering an existing one.  So why bother to reupholster? Here’s two good reasons:

  1. If you have a chair (or any piece of furniture) that’s comfortable, the right size for your space and that fits you like a glove.  It’s worth hanging on to. You may not find another one so well suited to you and your lifestyle.
  2. If you want something really out of the ordinary.  This is a great reason to reupholster! Consider utilizing quilts or fabrics that have emotional meaning to you. Or consider a collection of quirky fabrics…a look just your own you’re not likely to find anywhere in the retail world.  Or consider a fabric that your pet can’t easily tear up. (Canvas wears great if you have kitty cats).

In short, if your furniture is a favorite, customize it with re-upholstering and give it a new life!  Call me for ideas!

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