The true ‘Drawing Board’

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My husband teases me about our house serving as the ‘Drawing Board’ for my home décor business. My living room wall literally became such. Blackboard paint is not new but it takes on new meaning when it’s the biggest wall in the house. I tried this at home for years while my boys were still living at home. It’s just paint right?

This wall became the home for the largest NCAA brackets in Asheville, then World Cup brackets, NFL etc. Amazingly, when the brackets were discovered the fans came too…Our home became sports central.

As a decorator, I liked the drama of a black wall, But it attracted everyone! No matter what the gathering, people signed our board: Christmas parties, neighborhood gatherings, book clubs even my church circle meetings found uses for the blackboard.

Alas, when the boys left I painted over it. I still miss the attention it caused!

 Dave & brackets
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