Family Furniture

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I have had many clients who have family pieces that are stored in their house but not being used. You know why: the furniture is not comfortable, not their taste, doesn’t ‘fit in’, sentimentally can’t get rid of it…lots of reasons

Got any of these pieces? Don’t give up on these classics! If you’re not using them as is, I’m hereby giving you permission to update them. ‘Aunt Annie’ won’t mind, in fact she would more than likely be proud of you! The old and the new can be so charming together! Like any fashion statement, it’s the combination that makes the magic.

Or maybe you’re not saddled with family heirlooms? You can pick ‘em up in lots of places. You’ll even see them already redone in the consignment stores these days. Updating antiques is one of the hottest trends in the décor world right now.

Family Furniture
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